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A picture of a boat



Peter Gilmore had a boat which needed a face lift. His intention was to spend some time on the water if only he could get the boat in shape.

a picture of a sulky



An historic sulky lay in a paddock, west of Nabiac, when the owner said HELP.

Spring rolls



These Spring rolls are only the tip of the iceberg

a picture of a sewing machine



Brian Booth finds his niche as our shed's main furniture restorer.

a rolltop desk



A roll top desk which went to a shedders family after being restored.

a log



A silky oak tree causes safety concerns at the Tuncurry Golf Course... 

a picture of a counter



A local Lifeline outlet has branched out providing coffee for clients, and needed a cafe bar.

open day display



Celebrate Life Day at Tuncurry Memorial Hall was seen as an opportunity for shedders to tell the community about our Men's Shed.

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