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March 2019

On February 26th we held a successful Inaugural AGM for the (FTMS) Forster Tuncurry Men's Shed. The last AGM was in our previous name (WLMS), and we are now forging ahead with our new identity now a new committee group. We ratified our Charter/Constitution at the AGM, and then all positions of office bearers were declared vacant. Some positions were uncontested and others required a vote by way of secret ballot. Results are as follows:

  • President - Richard Bateson
  • Vice President - Paul Heathcote
  • Secretary - Peter Gilmore
  • Treasurer - Shaun Coyne

Committee members are as follows:

  • Richard Bailie-Mace
  • Doug Squires
  • Eric Pfeiffer
  • Mark Connor
  • Peter Aulbury


We aimed to have a Committee Meting straight after the AGM, but time was against us. We resolved to have our first proper committe meeting on Wednesday 6th March. All members are welcome to sit in and observe. Please make yourself aware of agenda items by looking at the list beside President Rick's desk. Items (among others) to be discussed are:

  1. Possibility of making some timber seats for local groups such as Scouts and girl guides
  2. Our collaboration with local nursing homes and the extent of our involvement
  3. Mitigation of any perceived liability which might be born by members of the Executive or WH & S Committee
  4. New member applications
  5. Member entitlements
  6. Shed housekeeping (under bench tidyness)
  7. Possible need for a microphone for meetings
  8. Need for bollards and safety tape
  9. Name badges
  10. First aid course for members


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Our Facebook page address is:



Behind the news

  • A number of items here are duplicated from last month for the purpose of emphasis to readers
  • Our defribralator was checked during the second week of February, by a local company who is contracted to perform this task. A simple check of the liquid crystal display on the front will show a green tick indicating all is well with the battery and the units auto self check. Should a red cross be visible, then the unit needs attention. Please make the office aware if this is the case.
  • Courses are available for CPR, First Aid etc. Make it known to the committee if you would like to be involved in being educated in this field. It could save a life.
  • We've recently received visits from patients of a local nursing home. Some male patients are keen to have a safe "Men's only space" within their own facility for activities like we do within our shed.  Next committee meting will provide a forum to discuss this issue.
  • The Forster Neighbourhood Centre is running a Men's Support Group every Thursday at Beach Bums Cafe from 12:30pm  - 2.30pm where they provide a free cup of coffee, a safe space for blokes to be blokes and to encourage greater engagement with the wider community. It's a discussion group designed to give an opportunity for men to talk about issues that they are affected by. The fellow's name is Steve and his contact number is 0405 375 470.




Shaun's wise words...

Many of you will have heard our Treasurer maintain a feeling of calm when tensions are high, by simply uttering one of his phrases of comfort.

Examples are as follows:

  • "You say that as if it's a bad thing"
  • "We had a vote"
  • "I will do my best to double your wages"
  • "Trust me...I taught that subject at management level"


What's coming up...

  • Friday 29th March, 2019 - end of month BBQ
  • Wednesday 6th March, 2019 - the first Committee meeting for the new committee.....all welcome