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October 2018




October 2018

It’s been a year now that you have had this current committee. We have been reminded that our AGM is scheduled for 11:00 am Tuesday February 26th. All members are encouraged to attend and vote on your future. Please read details about the AGM, in the "News" section of the website, just search for the tab marked News. Nomination forms will soon be available for those who would like to nominate themselves, or another member of the shed.

Your newsletter will now only be delivered electronically through this website. It sems that you have found it, congratulations. Subsequent issues will appear here just before the start of the month. This is to advise members as to what is coming up....enjoy.

All members are required to fill out a new information sheet to update our Members Register, please see Secretary Rick Coleman. Rick also has a 2 page survey listing proposals for future expenditure and future projects designed by the Committee for future benefit of members. Please sek out a form and fill it in so the Committee knows just what your priorities are.

Our new Facebook page is receiving plenty of likes and comments. The new address is:

We now have listings for sale through Facebook on four (4) local Buy, Swap and Sell sites. We are hoping to give the wider public an insight into what we make and have for sale. Those sites are:

  • Buy Swap and Sell Taree 2430 and surroundings
  • Buy/Swap/Sell Taree, Cundletown, Wingham, Forster HOME AND GARDEN GOODS
  • Forster Tuncurry Trading Post & Community Page 2428
  • Buy/Swap/Sell Forster/Tuncurry


Committee Meetings

The committee will hold it’s next meeting on Wednesday 17th October at 11:00 am. The committee would like all shed members to know they are welcome to sit in and listen to what’s going on.




Gian Badraun

Gian is back from Switzerland and is very definitely vertical. He called in for a sausage sandwich on our last BBQ Friday and was warmly welcomed by all present. Gian has been on a journey through two hemispheres and several serious medical situations. Being in a coma for six weeks was part of his experience. Thanks to his travel insurance he was accompanied home by a qualified Medico in Business Class. What a way to get access to top shelf  drinks…I can think of better ways.  We are looking forward to seeing Gian more often at the shed as his strength improves.

Don Bull

Don has recently had his right hip totally replaced. He is much more comfortable now the physiotherapy period has finished. Anyone considering this procedure, please feel free to talk to Don, as he highly recommends his surgeon.

Doug Squires

Doug has recently been treated for heart palpitations. He was recently in at the shed for a short while, during his 48 hour monitoring session. The results will be known to him soon. Doug has previously had a stroke in 2006, which he overcame with expert help from Dr Chris Levi from John Hunter hospital in Newcastle. Doug had a massive aneurism in the brain caused by the stroke. Dr Matif from the same hospital was responsible for rectifying that situation. Doug is now in much better health, but is keeping his finger on the pulse as we all should do, as we get older. Doug is very happy to discuss his health situation with any members in the same boat. He is enjoying the Men’s Shed immensely.  

Barrie Richards

Barrie has been away for a while due to family visits and a health issue. Baz had previously rolled his ankle which led to a more detailed blood test than would automatically be done by his GP on an annual basis. This new test revealed some abnormalities in his blood, which are now being investigated further.  Barrie has been to a specialist who has explained that there needs to be further testing and a waiting period to discover whether any further action and/or treatment will be necessary. Barrie’s message to all members is that he would not have known about this potential blood anomaly if he hadn’t have the rolled ankle, so please talk to your GP if you are not feeling right, or think more extensive blood testing is the right thing for you. We hope to see Barrie’s smiling face back at the shed in the not too distant future. Barrie had a run in the MRI machine at Port Macquarie today (26/09), and reckons that they should have at least a couple of good shots of him as they took so many.


Brian Booth

We heard today.. (as I type it is Mon 24th Sept)...that Brian had a heart attack on the weekend.  Today we had a call from Brian from Manning Base Hospital at Taree with that news. He said please do not visit right now as he was expecting to be taken to John Hunter Hospital for further testing. I spoke with his son (Brian Jnr) today also who said that his Dad was probably having an angiogram very soon. It seems that Brian will probably have some stents inserted, and it is hoped that this will help remedy the situation. Comment was made last week that Brian appeared to be off-colour and another member saw an ambulance near Brian's place around the same time. We wish him well and I will update this section of the Newsletter when we get any further news about Brian's health. As of Wednesday, Brian is back at Taree and awaiting a visit from his doctor. He complained to me that he was in a ward of Men Only, which was NOT as good as John Hunter where the mix was 50% lovely ladies. Brian will find out soon, when he can come home. He said he would be back at the shed as soon as he can. Late news...Brian was picked up from the hospital today 28/09/18 by Peter Gilmore. He made it back for the Friday BBQ, thanks Peter.


Max Jones

We haven't seen Max for a while and that is because he hasn't been real well. He has had some issues with Angina, but the medication is working fine now. A recent trip to Taree hospital was to do with this issue. Max is at home now and sends his best wishes. He feels weak and tired, maybe we could keep a lookout for a nice recliner chair for Max to put his feet up.  I for one would give it a go when he is at home.


Russell "Clamps" Murphy

Russ aka (Wally Clampet) also had a brief visit to Manning Base Hospital at Taree. It was a minor issue relating to a racing heart rate. New medication is making him just a little bit light headed when he stands up. His plan is to get back to the shed ASAP, I even suggested this Friday (28/09) as it's BBQ day and R B-M spoke something about chicken thighs. Russell's new lower heart rate is much more comfortable and I wished him well on behalf of all at the shed.


Ray McGrath

Ray has recently had spinal surgery and is feeling better, in recovery mode. He will see the surgeon again in November, fingers crossed for a good report.


The following is an excerpt delevered at an AMSA Conference in Newcastle a couple of years back. It relates to perecived

Threat 2

Lack of genuine democratic process within the shed....

The ownership also has its roots in everyone having an equal say on Shed activities and direction. Exemplary Sheds follow true democratic processes even though this may be achieved in an informal way. If the men are consulted about issues and they feel that they have been listened to and that their opinion is considered then, even if the final decision may not be agreed with, they can usually accept it.



The AMSA Spring 2018 Newsletter link is provided below...


What's coming up in October

  • 17 October - the last Committee meeting of the current board - visitors welcome (as always)
  • 26 February, 2019 - AGM
  • 26 October - the last Friday BBQ lunch at the shed courtesy of Richard B-M and his band of merry catering men.


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The guy says, "I know, but she has a great personality and she's an excellent cook."

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